Art is a reflection of the maker, the creative journey. An idea is allowed to expand into an integrated whole where the colors hold spatial positions forming fluid movement. In this process, you have to let go of all preconceptions and trust the emerging inner vision.

One inner vision echoes the space and openness of the flat plains of the Texas Panhandle. This physical reality is interwoven with a perceptual vision, the driving force that actually determines the direction of the work. It is how I see the relationships of form within a framework of time letting energetic strokes direct the movement.

This process reveals each painting as first an outer view, a façade which is then dissected and reconstructed to reflect that vision within the inner balance.


The figure with its emotional components, adds yet another dimension to painting. Yet, they too are coupled to the inner vision, the inner balance.


Rearranging floral components to an inner vision, lets the flowers float freely in space, while the shapes push the movement.


Here the integrated whole clearly dominates. Whether the sky is reflected on land or water, the colors set the mood while the shapes instigate movement.


These earlier works show a more traditional approach to the subject matter, whereas, more recent work, embraces a more perceptual approach.


Working in three dimensions is the physical translation of my vision. The composite aspect emerges as both hands work simultaneously, feeling the soft clay.